sábado, 26 de janeiro de 2008

Delta Translator 3.0 Full

If you need to translate from English to Brazilian Portuguese or from Brazilian Portuguese to English, Delta Translator is for you! It's used by more Brazilians than all other translation software programs combined.

Delta Translator is a sophisticated, automatic, bi-directional English and Brazilian Portuguese language machine translation software system that includes three different software programs to help you to quickly and automatically translate multiple pages, paragraphs, sentences, phrases or just individual words in letters, memos, faxes, reports, manuals, manuscripts, booklets, spreadsheets, documents, e-mail and even web pages as you browse the Internet—all on your own computer!

And Delta Translator is fast, translating anything from a single word or phrase to multiple page documents, letters or manuscripts, often in a matter of seconds—in either direction!

Delta Translator 3.0 for Brazilian Portuguese and English is so versatile it can translate virtually any Brazilian Portuguese or English text displayed on your Windows computer as well as providing Portuguese and English thesauruses, Portuguese and English spell checkers, a Portuguese grammar checker and numerous other tools to help you refine any translation as well as learn, understand and communicate better in Brazilian Portuguese.

With its advanced text-to-speech voice synthesizers, Delta Translator can even "speak" any highlighted text back to you—in either English or Brazilian Portuguese—making it the perfect language tutor.

Developed in Brazil, Delta Translator is the best selling language translation software there because of its speed, flexibility, accuracy and ease of use. It's perfect for either personal or business use, for language students, professional translators or anybody in between.

With Delta Translator, you can communicate even if you don't know a word of Portuguese and it makes translating Brazilian Portuguese from/into English and English from/into Brazilian Portuguese fast, easy, flexible and accurate.

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